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      "First they came for the serbs, but we were not serbs, so we said nothing.
      Then they came for the talebans, but we were not talebans, so we said nothing.
      Then they came for the iraqi, but we were not iraqi, so we said nothing.
      Then they came for the syrians, but we were not syrians, so we said nothing.
      Then they came for us, and there was no one left to say anything for us."

Green Party calls for murder investigation
       WASHINGTON, DC -- Members of the Green Party of the United States, outraged at the murder of American peace activist Rachel Corrie and disruption by the Israeli military of a memorial service for her, demanded an investigation and decisive measures by the U.S. government to stop the Sharon government's violent treatment of Palestinian civilians, destruction of Palestinian homes and infrastructure, and illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories. Greens reaffirmed their support for American, European, and Israeli peace activists who continue to risk their lives in nonviolent resistance to the occupation and defense of Palestinian civilians. The Green Party has also called for an international protection force in the territories to insure the safety of Palestinian and Israeli civilians and adherence by Israel to the Geneva Conventions Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. "A simple threat to cancel all American aid to Israel would probably stop Sharon's incessant and illegal attacks on occupied Palestine and brutal treatment of the Palestinian people," said Justine McCabe, co-chair of the Green Party of Connecticut who has done relief work in Palestine.  "Let the death of Rachel Corrie, who called herself a 'witness for peace,' be the occasion for the Bush Administration to cease all military aid to Israel, until Israel complies with U.S. laws governing arms

  • transfers, U.N. resolutions Air Charter, and international laws and
  • agreements." Corrie,
  • a 23-year-old activist with theInternational

Solidarity Movement, was crushed by a bulldozer on March 16 while trying to block the demolition of Palestinian homes in Gaza by Israeli forces.  The driver of the bulldozer drove forward over Corrie after she had climbed down from speaking with him, which suggests that the driver probably knew she wasn't Palestinian.  On March 18, a memorial service at the site of her death was disrupted by Israeli forces using teargas, stun guns, and tanks.

Up to 103 US soldiers killed near Nasiriya
       CAIRO, March 23 (Xinhuanet) -- Some 103 American soldiers were killed Sunday in a battle between US-British forces and Iraqi troops near Nasiriya in southern Iraq, Al-Arabia Satellite Channel said. The Dubai-based TV channel quoted Iranian sources as saying that the United States would be making a big mistake if they continue their campaign in such a manner. The sources anticipated the Americans would attempt to launch an attack from another direction. Deputy commander of US Gulf forces John Abizaid said at a Doha press conference that the coalition forces Sunday met with "toughest" resistance in the four-day campaign as 12 soldiers were listed missing in a battle with Iraq in Nasiriya, 375 km southeast of Baghdad. He said some of the missing may have been those who appeared on the Arabic-language television network Al-Jazeera. Abizaid said US Marines defeated an Iraqi attack Sunday "but sustained a number of killed and wounded in the sharpest engagement of the war thus far." The Iraqi military said earlier on Sunday that 25 US and British soldiers were killed and dozens captured in fighting near Nasiriya.

UN Security Council to hold meeting on Iraq
       UNITED NATIONS, March 25 (Xinhuanet) -- The United Nations Security Council will hold an urgent public meeting on Iraq on Wednesday at the request of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Arab League, council president Mamady Traore said Tuesday. The meeting will start at 3:00 p.m. EST (20:00 GMT) Wednesday and is expected to extend into Thursday due to a long list of speakers, Traore, ambassador of Guinea to the UN, told reporters after council consultations on Western Sahara. Traore confirmed that the two organizations wrote to him proposing the urgent session to allow UN member states to air their views on the situation in Iraq. The Non-Aligned Movement had called two council public meetingson Iraq this year, both of which brought together speakers from over 50 countries without a seat on the Security Council. Traore said experts of the council's Sanctions Committee are still working on a draft resolution concerning humanitarian assistance to the war-plagued Iraqi population. The council has agreed to discuss the draft at the ambassadorial level at 10:00 a.m. EST (15:00 GMT) Wednesday, he said, adding that he hoped consensus could be reached then. He noted that UN experts have met Saturday and Monday on the proposals by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to adjust the oil-for-food program so as to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people. Annan recommended the council adopt a resolution giving him interim authority to administer the humanitarian oil-for-food program, which has been run jointly by the Iraqi government and the United Nations. He also asked for council authority to reach arrangements on humanitarian relief with the post-war authority in Iraq. The proposals drew strong criticisms from the Iraqi side, which accused Annan of helping the United States and Britain snatch its oil resources and declared its total rejection of such proposals.

Turmoil in Nigeria's oil town
       (BBC) Troops and armoured vehicles are patrolling the streets of the Nigerian oil town of Warri in an attempt to end two weeks of ethnic violence. An oil worker told the French news agency, AFP that all vehicles were being searched as they entered or left the town. Ijaw youth leader Behbehnimibor Job told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme that soldiers had burned down four ethnic Ijaw villages, in unprovoked attacks. There has been no independent confirmation of this. The fighting has led to a 40% cut in Nigerian oil production as oil companies have suspended operations at some facilities. Nigeria is the world's sixth biggest oil exporter. An Ijaw leader told AFP that the wharf normally used by fishermen had been cordoned off by the army. "There is no market, no business life at all. But we are getting used to this, we are suffering in silence," said Oboko Bello, president of the hardline Federation of Ijaw Delta Communities. The flare-up in tensions centres on demands by Ijaws for greater political representation and more compensation from oil companies operating in the area. Previously, the army has accused Ijaw militants of attacking the villages of the neighbouring Itsekiri people. Chevron Texaco has now shut down its main export terminal. Shell has evacuated four facilities and Total Fina Elf have pulled out of an oil storage farm. The army say 13 people - including five civilians - have died in the violence. However, a human rights activist Danka Pueba told AFP she had reports that many more local people had been killed.

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