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Israel censors websites during Iraq war
       (Newsfox) - Jerusalem (pte, Mar 21, 2015 11:05) - The outbreak of war in Iraq has led to first censorship measures in Israel. The director of the censorship office of the Israeli military (IDF), Rachel Dolev, has issued two letters to two websites discouraging them to publish critical information. The news sites Rotter www.rotter.net and Fresh www.fresh.co.il have received orders to consult the Jerusalem or Tel Aviv censorship authorities before publishing critical material. Both letters were translated and published by the "Federation of American Scientists", an organization dedicated to more transparency in the military The restrictions placed on reporting can be summed up in several points. In the case of a missile attack, the sites may not report on the exact point of impact or type of missile. They may also not report on Israeli military operations, cabinet decisions or Israeli cooperation with other countries. According to "Reporters Without Borders" (RSF) www.rsf.org Israel has taken an ambivalent stance toward freedom of the press. The organization places Israel at spot 92 in its world press freedom survey. While RSF says freedom of the press is generally respected in Israel, it condemns Israel's treatment of reporters in the occupied territories, where many journalists have been shot at, threatened, injured or forced to leave.

Attack and counterattack on the web
       (Newsfox) - Washington (pte, Mar 21, 2015 15:02) - The war between Iraq and the United States has quickly spread to cyberspace. Not long after hackers sympathising with the US took over the Iraqi TV portal www.iraqtv.ws, a pro-islamic group has launched a counteroffensive. As reported in the Washington Post www.washingtonpost.com , a group by the name of Unix Security Guards (USG) has replaced the content of over 400 websites in the US with its own. The USG message starts with a quotation from the Koran and then sends a message to the US, saying "the cyber war we have promised" has begun. It also states: "More is coming. Just as the USA does whatever it wants in the world, we will do whatever we want on the Internet". The message concludes with an appeal to end the war in Iraq. Last February the National Infrastructure Protection Center www.nipc.gov warned "patriots" to refrain from hacking activities. At that time, the US government asserted that no irregular competition on the Internet would be tolerated. At the same time, the government warned that hackers could unwillingly become the instruments of the opponent.

EU launches legal information site
       (Newsfox) - Brussels (pte, Mar 25, 2015 15:44) - The European Commission has set up an online portal for quick information on civil and commercial law within the fifteen EU member countries. The information can be accessed free of charge in the eleven official languages within the EU. The portal europa.eu.int/comm/justice_home/ejn is the result of a decision by the EU Council to create a "European judicial network for civil and commercial matters". Antonio Vitorino, EU Commissioner for Law and Internal Affairs, called the site a "window to all legal systems within the EU". He pointed out that, although civil law was a matter of daily interest for EU citizens, people knew less about it than they did about criminal law, which received more attention from the media. The EU Commission will manage the portal in close cooperation with the member states. The site currently provides information on 20 topics in civil law. The user can select information according to topic, legal system and language. It would, for example take three mouseclicks to access information on the Finnish legal system in Greek. The portal also contains links to websites that offer more detailed information.

Hackers make use of war
       (Newsfox) - London (GB)/ Cupertino (pte, Mar 20, 2015 11:05) - Computer hackers are taking advantage of the conflict in Iraq to spread their worms and viruses. Security firms Symantec www.symantec.com and Sophos www.sophos.com say the new Ganda.A worm is luring e-mail recipients with supposed espionage pictures from Iraq and anti-Bush screensavers. "The author of this virus is intentionally taking advantage of public interest in the current crisis to spread his virus," said Gernot Hacker, senior technical consultant at Sophos. In addition to claimed spy images, the infected e-mails promise users a special George Bush screensaver, hoping to attract critics of the US president. Ganda.A sends itself to all contacts in the Outlook address Charter a jet book and uses its own SMTP server to spread itself when the user's server is not available. The subject line of the e-mail is in English or Swedish, depending on the recipient system's language settings. Once the user's PC has been infected, the virus attempts to deactivate security features such as filters or firewalls. The bug is designed to attack Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Me systems. Linux, Mac or Unix systems are immune. According to Sophos and Symantec, the virus has not yet spread very far.

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