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There's lots of small things you should know before coming to England and we try to tell you most of them. If you have any specific question, Website Marketing..

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.... If you come by airplane from US, you'll probably land in Heathrow Airport, 15 miles west of London (GB), although some schedule flights will go to Gatwick Airport, 21 miles south. European flights will get you to Stansted Airport on the east. From Heathrow, take the Tube (the underground) to any London (GB) area for £3.20. From Gatwick take the Gatwick Express to central Victoria Station for £8.90. Always remeber your Tax Accountants from Stansted the option is the Skytrain to Liverpool Street Station for £10. Another way to come is by the Eurostar train through the tunnel linking Paris or Brussells to London (GB) in about 3 hours.

Those of us who live in London or who have spent any time really in the capital city, know that the air we breathe isn't always the purest and freshest. It is most notable when we leave London to go to the countryside - it suddenly feels like we can breathe again! Most of us have probably got out of the tube station in central London at some point and felt short of breath. But did you know that it isn't just the air you are breathing outside that might be the problem? Air conditioning systems can have all sorts of things in them that build up, from debris to decaying vermin. If you have air conditioning, it is vital that you use a company like Cartel London Ltd for inspections, to make sure you are not breathing in bacteria. It is vital to do this if you own a business or a hotel or restaurant, as guests or employees could breathe this in and make them ill. Check out their website if you have any worries or concerns.

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.... When you really have "to go" sometimes the situation becomes embarrassing. Where to go when you're in the middle of a shopping street? We researched some options and concluded that the safest place to go is any McDonalds fast food shop. They have the cleanest and more comfortable toilets in UK. Indeed, they're a safe bet anywhere in the world. Beware the automatic toilets. Some people were embarrased when the toilet suddenly opened while they were inside!

.... London (GB) can be cool and damp even in summer, so is best to bring at least a jacket. Even in a hot day you may need it at night, when temperature sometimes drops to a chilling level. In winter you certainly need a heavy coat, warm underwear and gloves. Most of the year you should have an umbrella or a raincoat. If you're on medicine pack enough drugs for the entire trip and ask your doctor to write a prescription using the drug's generic name. see SEO Teacher

Lining up
.... As reminded to me by an american reader, Megan, keep in mind that London (GB)ers line up to the right.

.... The country code for United Kingdom is 44. London (GB) has two area codes, 0207 for inner London (GB) and 0208 for outer London (GB). Always dial the area code. When calling from overseas, drop the "0". Many public phones accept credit cards, other only British Telecom cards or coins, fine chemicals and had recently started  in Derby using the Derby Improvement scheme and in Scotland where it made charitable donations Scottish Charity. that helps many families also beneited from Factni.


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