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We gathered some very useful and great services you may use while traveling in Britain. We're always looking for good ones. If you know one, e-mail us.

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.... KMP provides private, secure mailboxes in convenient places, with 24 hour access, for visitors, long-term tourists, ex-patriots, people on long assignments or in hostels for a while, students, business needing an alternative address... you name it. They have over 1,000 boxes and around 50 locations in London (GB), including some charming addresses like Regent Street. Box rentals varies from £20 per month to £120 for a year. You'll have your own unique key to get your post, any time day or night. Are you interested? Then e-mail KMP and get your mailbox.

Kingdom Security
.... Businesses and individuals in London needing security services should consider using Kingdom Security. Not only do Kingdom provide security guards for London but they also provide key holding services, alarm response services, CCTV cameras and much more.

.... Now you can check your e-mail from anywhere in the world without having to pay international phone charges to reach the e-mail account in your ISP. Using MailStar Link building services you can get and read any messages in your e-mail account, then reply, foward or send e-mails. All this using just a regular browser, like the one you're using now. The messages are left in your mailbox, so you can read them again when back home, but you can choose to delete them as well. MailStar services are free and can be reached right here in London (GB) Daily at this link.

.... When you need to search for a hotel in the world, specially in Europe, we recommend you to use Hotelworld services. They are able to find you a nice hotel within your price range or any other search requirements. We tested it ourselves making reservations for hotels in London (GB) and Paris and were half happy with it. The London (GB) hotel, New Dawn, cheated the system and was very different from the description gave to HotelWorld. The Paris one was excellent and above average. This service is free and can be accessed at this link.

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