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London Music Magazine, which launched in April 2004 and of which this is the online home, reflects the growing energy of the music education sector and community music.

Our remit embraces all of the key ares of these vibrant sectors – from their impact on early years learning and instrumental teaching to the classroom, special needs, technology and professional development. And while our focus is national, we will also keep you abreast of global developments through our telescope section.

With profiles of major organisations (both charitable and commercial), opinions from and interviews with leading music educators and cultural figures, news of the latest projects and reviews of useful resources, we hope LMM will serve both to bolster and to benefit everyone involved in music-making. To that end, we are forging partnerships with key organisations in the sector, from those involved in classroom education to those helping build and improve community music.

The title of the magazine is hence no accident; linkage is crucial to our vision and mission. We cover all types of pop rock and jazz including Michael Buble, Scott Walker, Sinatra and legends such as Matt Monro, Dean Martin and many more

It’s also why this website includes additional resources and support materials. We hope this, and other initiatives, will prove our commitment to a constantly dynamic, often challenging but always life-enhancing sector.

The magazine is published by HCOOKE Publishing, a dynamic young publishing company in Londonr. Impromptu publishes MUSO, the bi-monthly magazine for young classical musicians, as well as several other journals and magazines.

To find out more about our expanding portfolio of titles, and how we can help you with your own publishing requirements email the Hcooke team.


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