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So you want to get published
By Roy Russell

....... So you want to get published... Well, first read the problems I, Roy Russell, went through to get my novel "Alien God" published. I tried lots of publishers, but always got the typical response that due to down-sizing, they no longer review new books for publication, unless you are an existing author with their company. Meaning they won't even read your book before making a decision!
....... I thought "Alien God," about the first alien abduction of a Pastor, was so unique that they would make an exception. We're talking aliens, new forms of travel, new dimensions, angels, demons, and even God Himself in the same novel, but the publishing companies never even opened the cover of the book to see any of this.
....... When finally gave up, I went to a well known subsidy publisher (which will remain nameless). They requested a copy of my book to review and sent me a contract. I was shocked when I read how much money they wanted from me! For a mere $10,000.00 from me, they would print 400 copies of my book...
....... I still had a little bit of hope for my book being published, so I formally copyrighted it, and when I did that, luck was on my way. The registration led to my book being in the public record, which then led to a letter from an Internet subsidy publisher known as "1stBooks Library". To my surprise, my book is now published and it only have cost me $299 up front and $10 a month, with very little strings attached.
....... 1stBooks now sells my book to Internet customers via soft copy (this is the big cost savings that makes it affordable to the author) at a very reasonable price. To find out more about 1stBooks Library or about my book, go to my web page or to 1stBooks Library.

....... So now you may get published...

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